Westmount Photographer | Rebecca, Vince & kids

April 17, 2016

I love being a Westmount photographer because it means that I can capture beautiful authentic moments of friends and neighbours.  I was so excited when I was able to capture Rebecca Wolfe and her husband Vincenzo Cavallo along with their beautiful son and newborn baby girl. Westmount Photographer Vince and Rebecca are practically neighbours of mine, so I just walked over to their house for this relaxed session.

Westmount Photographer

Their little boy was fairly serious throughout the whole session but because he was in his own home we eventually got him to open but by having him show off his favourite toys and cars in his room.

Westmount Photographer

Their house was beautiful and Rebecca had done the drawings herself for the children’s rooms. I was really blown away.

Westmount Photographer

I made sure to capture all those drawings and beautiful decorations she had put so much thought into.  That pretty little mobile won’t be up forever, and I wanted her to make sure it would always be in her memory and so that her daughter would also have a glimpse into what her beautiful nursery looked like.

Westmount PhotographerI made sure to get photos of the kids on their own and with their parents.  It was all very relaxed and natural.


It was a wonderful sessions and such a pleasure to capture this beautiful moment in this family’s life.

Thank-you Rebecca, Vince and kids.