3 Must Have Photos Every Mom Needs

July 5, 2018

I am personally crazy about taking photos and I love to have a huge variety that I can print out and have as part of my family history.  But I know that not everyone is taking photos of their children everyday and sometimes we only need a few photos to capture that moment in time.  Here are my 3 must have photos every mom needs:

Family Photography NDG

A Beautiful Portrait

A portrait does not mean a child is sitting on a stool, smiling a weird fake smile and staring directly into the camera.  It is something where you can see the personality of the subject.  For me it is where I can see the personality and I can feel something.  In the photo above I can feel the child half-shy, half-playful and full of life.  That would be up on my wall in a second.

Motherhood Portraits Pop-Up

Mom in the Frame

What will happen in 50 years when our children only have photos of themselves and none of their parents?  We often forget to include ourselves in our photos but it is so important for us to say ‘hey – we were here too and we were a big part of your life.  It’s tough but get in the frame.  If someone asks if they can take your photos, always say YES.

Outremont Photographer

Life as it Happens

What did your house look like growing up?  What did you like to do?  Did you play with play-doh?  Eat snack at the kitchen counter?  Read comics?  These little things matter.  When I’m looking at my photos, even though it’s been a few years there are things I already can’t believe I forgot – like my son’s obsession with his soother or the messy way he ate.  These photos really pull at the heartstrings – I promise.


Montreal Lifestyle Photographer

Bonus – The Family Photo

Getting everyone in one frame can be tough but is worth it.  My suggestion?  Next time you’re on a family holiday just ask someone else to take your picture.

Do you need these photos in your life?  Contact me for a fun, easy session that will capture everything you see here.