Business Photographer

August 28, 2018

I loved this business photography shoot with Juliana Bennett from Agent Armoire.  She had a strong vision of exactly how she wanted each of her photos to look and feel for her website and we collaborated together to bring her ideas to life.

It was a ton of fun to work with her to really pinpoint the angles, props and crops that she had in mind.  We tried a few different things to see what worked best and then went from there.

Juliana is beyond amazing as a stylist and has certainly helped me get back on track.  If you ever look at your closet and wonder what exactly is going on in there, or just need to get out of a style rut she is such a fantastic resource.

Thanks Juliana for trusting me with your business photos!

Do the photos you see on your website represent who you are?  Being an entrepreneur means it is so important to have professional photos with the right branding.  People don’t buy what you sell but why you sell it right?  And your story is part of that.  Contact me for more information.