What to Wear to your Family Photography Session

October 1, 2018

What to Wear to your Family Photography Session

I get asked a lot about what to wear to your family photography session.  I always include this information in my pre-session emails to my clients but felt it would be useful to anyone attending a photography session.

Wear whatever represents your family, but follow a few guidelines.

Mom should feel absolutely fabulous, so start with her.  Shop your closet and find something you love and feel comfortable in.

Avoid large logos and graphics.  We want to focus on your child, not their Minions t-shirt.  Also, stiff new clothes are often uncomfortable for little ones.

Colour is great!  Choose some solid neutrals with pops of colour that coordinate.  Also think about the season.  Light bright colours would work well in the summer whereas winter may call for more burgundies and navy.  Co-ordinate but don’t go matchy matchy.   Think texture, pops of colour, layers and what is real to you.  These all help you blend together without necessarily matching.  This post is great for illustrating these points.  If you are going to try and co-ordinate then please make sure everyone understands.  If everyone is co-ordinated in blue and someone shows up in neon green, it can really throw off the photo dynamic.

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Is your session in your home? Look at your own home.  It will be in the background too!  You may want to think about what colours are in your house or your children’s rooms when selecting your clothing.

Is it going to be cold outside?  Please keep in mind that your kids outfit may look cute but if they are cold and miserable the end result just won’t work out.  Please make sure your kids are warm.

Remember: If everyone FEELS great they will look great too!

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