Introducing: Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups

December 25, 2018

Introducing: Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups

What is Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups?

Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups is the name of my fun, quick and beautiful portrait pop-ups or mini sessions.  These are 1-2 day weekend events throughout the year where you can sign up for an easy in-studio family photography session.

Who is Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups for?

Families who:

Prefer studio photography

Know that their children have a very low attention span and will only last around 20 minutes

Have children that warm up to the camera and a new environment right away

Just want a few great photos

Want to supplement their regular in-home or outdoor photography session

Want something a little more traditional

Who is Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups not for?

Families who:

Want to show off their everyday life like reading stories, snuggling in bed or playing together.

Have children which are very shy and need a lot of time to open up to the camera.

Large families who will likely need more than 20 minutes to capture everyone properly (you can book a double session which I do recommend for families with more than 3 children)

Very active families who may not do well sitting in one spot on a studio backdrop.

Families who are prone to illness – the refund policy is as follows:

100% refund within 2 weeks of date of session

50% up to time of session

The non-refundable portion of the deposit can be put towards a regular family/newborn/maternity session within the year.

My full length sessions have more flexibility with respect to moving dates.

What do they look like?

These pop-ups are evolving.  I always try to give a sample of what they look like in any promotional material.  You can see past sessions here for a taste:

Holiday Portrait Pop-Up 2018

Motherhood Portrait Pop-Up 2018

Where and when do they take place?

Right now they take place in and around NDG/Westmount/St-Henri but in the future may pop-up other places.

How do I book?

If you are interested, please sign up to my newsletter.  Not only is my newsletter filled with great photography advice and tips, newsletter subscribers will get first pick at pop-up dates.  You can sign up here.  

Where can I see more of your Pop-Up Portfolio?

So glad you asked!  Please check out my Instagram account Montreal Portrait Pop-Ups.  You’ll also see my daycare work there (and maybe you may recognize a face or two!)

Questions?  Comments?  Don’t hesitate to email me!