Fall Photo Session

Fall Photo Session

Wow, fall seems ages ago but it is SUCH a busy season that I’m catching up on my posting.  I love the fall colours and we have so many gorgeous trees here in Montreal that the leaves are basically everywhere!

This session took place first in the family home, then we moved onto the back yard and a nearby park.  It was a lot of fun and we got some great shots.

I always try to get a variety of photos and although I rarely show them, I always take what I call ‘photos for the grandparents.’  Every session I take traditional family photos that I know will make the grandparents happy.

This little girl was just the sweetest and she was a great little artist.  We made sure to capture her at her easel painting a picture.

We headed outside to play in the backyard and head to a nearby park.

Although I have to say I’m really enjoying winter right now, I do miss the bright colours that we experience here in Montreal.

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