Naturally Posed Baby Photography

January 14, 2019

Naturally Posed Baby Photography

I love Naturally Posed Baby Photography because I think babies are pretty amazing just the way they are.

Often, I’ll be photographing the baby or editing the photos and notice little things that they continue to do like raise a hand, or always have one leg curled.  I just know that’s how they were in the womb, and it’s those little things that I want my families to remember.  I think babies are amazing all on their own, and I love to see the way they curl themselves up.

These two twin girls are just soooo sweet and I love how you can tell they are sisters but at the same time look completely different.

As you can tell, I also don’t wait until baby is asleep.  Why?  Babies are cute when they are cuddled and sleeping but look at those eyes!  Look how cute they are looking right at the camera!  Secondly, I think that puts a lot of stress on mom and dad to have to have their babies asleep for photos.  I am in and out in 2 hours or less, and I find that with anyone – children present or not – that’s about their maximum.  Taking photos of a baby as they are – asleep or awake, feeding or cuddling, or just hanging out just seems natural and real to me.  Part of the reason I take photos at all is to tell the story of your life right now, and life is made of all that isn’t it.  I even take photos of diaper changes!

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