Personal Photo Album Design

January 7, 2019

Photo albums are so precious, but making a nice album can be hard.  Photo albums are so often the first thing we think about handing down to our children, saving in a fire or opening up when relatives are over but Personal Photo Album Design is, let’s face it, annoying.

Before I was a photographer I would always make my photo albums using the consumer software provided by the album companies.  I remember how hard it was – it would always crash, my photos took forever to upload and I would lose designs.

Now that I’m a photographer, I have professional photo design software that I use to create beautiful photo albums for the families I photograph.

I asked my sister if she made any photo albums of her photos and I offered to create an album for her for each of the past 5 years.  It was quick and painless on her end.  All the she had to do was collect the photos and put them all in a dropbox.  I created the design for her, had her approve it and uploaded it straight to a consumer photo album site so she could purchase it herself.

If you are looking at years worth of iPhone photos, photos on your husbands phone, DSLR photos, etc. and wondering how you are going to work it all out then contact me.  I can sort your photos by year, and create a simple album for each year which you can then purchase yourself.

Photo albums are important and we truly treasure ours and know that if something ever happened to our computer we would still always have a hard copy on hand.

Interested?  Contact me and we can talk about what you want.  I’ll only be doing this for the remainder of the winter months.

This service is not available for photos from my family sessions or from other photographers.  If you’d like to purchase a photo album from your session, I have other options.