Why Albums Matter

April 1, 2019

I know that I’ve mentioned before that I create an album every year of all the photos of my family for that year.  I take photos from my iPhone, my husband’s iPhone, photos that people have sent us that they took, any photos I’ve taken and photos from any photo sessions we’ve done (yes, I hire photographers too).  Why?  Because albums matter.

Why Albums Matter

  • All your photos are in one place
  • It allows you to see your children grow over the years
  • Your children will love looking at photos of themselves
  • Albums become a heirloom that you can pass down for generations

  • Albums allow you to tell a story that a single picture cannot
  • Because you can put so many photos, you might include photos that seem insignificant now but take on greater meaning later.  For example, photos of little shoes, drawings on the wall or a pile of tiny onesies may not seem like much now, but I find it’s often these smaller things that have the greatest impact later on
  • Relatively cost effective compared to printing out photos for the wall
  • A great gift for relatives
  • Alleviate the guilt of having so many photos dying on your hard drive or phone

I design albums for every one of my clients participating in a full family sessions.  It’s your option whether you’d like to purchase it or not.  All albums are fully customizable and the entire process is straightforward.

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