Outdoor Family Photographer

September 16, 2019

Being an outdoor family photographer is a lot of fun because it means I get to play with a whole new set of dynamics compared to indoor family photography.

I love shooting in this park, and it is definitely one of my favourite places for a family shoot because it’s nearly empty of people and has so much variety.  You may remember a couple of other family photography sessions I did at this same spot (this one and this one for example).

This family of six was a ton of fun to photograph here.  It was taken during their final days here in Montreal before they moved back to California.

I made sure to include a little French writing where I could, as well as they skyline of the city in their photos as a memory of their time here.

Being and outdoor family photographer means I can play around with the light, nature and the setting to create a huge variety of images.

And we always have a lot of laughs and try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Thanks guys and I hope you settle well into your new home!

Is outdoor family photography for you?  It may or may not be a good fit.  Here is why.

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