Our Summer Holidays part 1 – Loon Lake, SK

September 4, 2019

I love being a photographer on summer holidays because being in a new environment really gets me excited to get out the camera again and get creative.  Here are a few of my favourite shots from my summer holiday.

So… a few things you can probably tell.  One – I don’t do a lot of posed photos.  What I’m looking for is how I can make the most of out the location I choose.  I don’t shoot a lot at the golden hours so I focus more on how to make a fun photo out of other aspects like movement and composition.  In other photos I’m telling a story.  Maybe it’s how my son is driving the boat with Grandpa or the cousins playing together on the bouncy castle.  I do take photos where I make everyone line up and look at the camera, but they usually tell a story too – like all the cousins on the boat ready to jump in.

Another thing is that it looks like I always have a camera out but in fact I choose my moments.  If I know we are going in the water I’ll usually grab it, or to a new location.  I also think about what moments I want to remember like hot dog roasts or playing at the sandpit.  They might not be gorgeous photos, but they are photos we’ll look at later on and will bring us back.

I’ll be showing photos from our trip to Maine next as well as talking about my gear and how I edit on the road.

Do you take holiday photos?