Our Summer Holidays Part 2 – Maine

September 5, 2019

We had a lovely time in Maine hanging out at the beach, eating great food and taking day trips to nearby towns.

I used a lot of scale to show how large the ocean feels compared to my children in a lot of the photos.  I also took a lot more everyday photos of us playing in the sand or just hanging out.


I wanted to quickly talk about my gear and setup.  I really hesitated about bringing a laptop on holiday, but I saw the temperature while we were in Saskatchewan and it was pretty cold.  I figured we’d be inside a lot and was happy I brought it along.  It was nice to be able to edit the photos as I went and not have a ton of photos to edit when I got back along with all the usual catch up stuff plus back to school.

Gear to Photograph

Fuji X100F – I’ve pretty much stopped bringing my DSLR along on any sort of trips.  It’s just huge and I’ve already got so much other stuff.  This is much easier to carry in my bag and it doesn’t give me neck pain.

GoPro – I think the one I use is the GoPro Hero5.  I use it on it’s own when we go skiing, but for water I use it 100% of the time with a dome so I can get those split under/over shots.

iPhone – I don’t always have my camera and it works in a pinch.

Gear to Edit

I bring along my laptop and an EHD.  I just don’t have enough room on my laptop for all my images and I want to be able to transfer them to my big desktop where I can do fine edits at home.

I also have to bring a card reader to upload the images.  I know that you can probably do it directly from the camera but I’ve never done it like that.

I really LOVE travel photography, and if you follow my Instagram stories you can see this in the photos I choose to share.  I hope to share more in the future!