Pregnancy Photo Ideas

January 6, 2020

I find that more than any other type of photography I do, maternity photography is the most personal in taste. Here are a few pregnancy photo ideas.

An outdoor photoshoot with a beautiful maternity dress is an example of a more styled photoshoot.

My Approach to Maternity Photography

An in-studio session with lighting and a backdrop for a classic image.

We can just hang out with the family at home which results in casual, relaxed pictures.

pregnancy photo ideas

Have a beautiful backyard? Let’s head to your backyard for easy (but directed) couples images.

Pregnancy Photo Ideas

Let’s create a beautiful silhouette in studio with a backdrop and lighting.

These are just a few pregnancy photo ideas. You can always bring me your own ideas and I can let you know what’s involved. Often times (unfortunately) something that looks super simple is not. It’s like when I put people in poses that look natural but are anything but! But many times it is doable and I love bringing my pregnant mother’s visions to life.

You can head over to my Pinterest account for both images that I find inspiring and more of my own photography.

Interested in working with me to create a series of beautiful photographs? Let me know how you want to be photographed and contact me.

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