Family Photoshoot

March 11, 2020

Why is a family photoshoot so important? When I was younger I loved looking at photo albums. It was interesting because I remember my favourite photos were the random snapshots. My sister fishing, being forced to do canoe trips with my parents, hiking in the rockies. We had super formal portraits on the wall which were beautiful (in a carved wood frame no less!) but I have just as much love for those photos hidden away in albums.

family photoshoot
family photoshoot
family photoshoot

You know – the ones that are a little fraying and maybe have writing on the back or write on the album. There’s so much character to them and they just say things to me. They tell me stories. When I look at them I recall memories.

picture with three generations
Family Photoshoot

That’s why in ever session I take beautiful family portraits but I also capture those in-between moments. Those looks between parents, the collection of children’s books, the rubber band wrists. Because to me it’s all important.

Did you look at photos when you were young? This is also leading into why it’s important to print our photos isn’t it. So PRINT THOSE PHOTOS PEOPLE! 🙂

Interested in a family photoshoot of your own? Contact me.

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Family Photoshoot with a Montreal Lifestyle Photographer