Beauty & Boudoir FAQs

Boudoir & Beauty FAQs

Read below for my Beauty & Boudoir FAQs.

What do your packages include? How much should I expect to spend?

Please contact me for my full price list or any questions.

When and how will I select my favourite images from my shoot?

I will send you all your images via a secure, password protected online gallery. You can take your time to select what you love and want to purchase. If you purchase digital images they will be sent to you via email. No USB is provided.

What’s the difference between beauty and boudoir?

For me, a beauty session is a fully clothed session in a variety of looks. Kind of like a glam (super glam) headshot or magazine shoot. You could choose a fab ball gown, amazing dress, or anything that makes you feel fab.

Boudoir has some form of undress. Remember if you are curious about a little bit of undress you can always layer with sheets, a cardigan or a robe.

Where will my photo session take place? Do you have a studio?

Unless you have a specific request and we talk about it before hand all sessions take place in my studio which is located in St-Henri. Here we have couches and chairs, the light is great and there is a lot of flexibility. If you do not want to do your session in the studio a different rate will apply.

What should I wear?

The big one! Let me ask you – what makes you feel amazing? If you want a super glamorous, highly made up glossy session I may not be the photographer for you. If you are looking for effortless cool, I’m all over it. Bodysuits, oversize sweaters, high panties, sleep shirts, bralette’s – I’m into it all. Once you’ve completed booking with me I’ll send you more details on wardrobe that will help you with all your preparations. You can also always email me or set up a phone call.

Can I have someone with me at my session?

I know – sometimes you feel so much better to have a friend there. I get you. So yes, you can definitely have one supportive, encouraging rad friend. That friend MUST be cool with not interfering with the shoot – touching you up, directing, posing, etc. That’s my job. Her job should be cheerleader! And better yet, why doesn’t she get her shoot after you so you can cheer each other on!

Boyfriends/husbands/spouses are not allowed in the room while we are shooting.

What should I do to prepare?

Hey lady! I am the QUEEN of preparedness. There is a reason why this FAQ is so long – I gotcha! You will get a prep email sent to you with all the details. Promise!

How far in advance should I book my session? On what day of the week can I have my session?

I suggest booking at least a month in advance so you can start prepping. If you want a weekend date which is extremely limited I suggest 3-4 months out minimum.

How much do you edit out?

I get it – there are some bits of us we just don’t love. But while I will make your skin look your best, I keep photoshopping to a minimum. I uses poses and light to make you look your best. I will edit out blemishes, bumps, blotches, as well as brighten eye area. If something is permanent I generally keep it so you have to let me know if you want any scars edited out. If you are looking for a lot of body reshaping done post-product I may not be your gal.

Stretch marks will be lightened. If you want something more please let me know.

Do you photograph men?

Sorry bud, it’s a no.

I want to get sexy? Will you do this?

You go for it! Just not with me. What you see on my portfolio is what I offer and if you want something a little more sexy-times I’m sure there are a lot of other photographers out there who are better suited for that. I do not shoot any part of the pelvic area nor do I shoot couples.

Will you use my image on your website/blog/portfolio?

I would LOVE to use every image I shoot on my portfolio, because I think they are amazing and that other women would totally appreciate it. But I TOTALLY respect your privacy and understand if you would be comfortable to share them. You MUST grant me permission and I will honour whatever level of privacy you provide. Some clients are OK with faceless images, some with everything, some with none. You let me know and I will totally respect your choice. You will get an email AFTER you receive your images requesting permission. I will not do anything until then.

Whoa… I hope you enjoyed my Beauty & Boudoir FAQs. Anything I missed feel free to contact me! You can also email me at michelle@michellelittlephotography.com