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Daycare Photography

Daycare Photography

Fresh, honest and beautiful.  These are some of the words that have been used to describe my daycare photography.  Nope, it’s not everyday that you hear those words about daycare photos.

I’m different because I try to  encourage children to be themselves.  We joke around, laugh and as much as we can try to get a real smile.

Interested?  Here are a few commonly asked questions…

What do your daycare photography photos look like?

You can see examples on both a grey or black background here.  Password: Montreal  All photos are provided in both colour and black and white.  Please note that I usually do photos on a thunder grey background as seen on this page.

What is your price list for daycare photography?

My current price list can be found here.  I have tried to create packages which were simple, but met most needs.

Montreal Daycare PhotographerDaycare PhotographyWhat does it cost me?

There is no charge.  I make my money through parent purchases.

How are the photos delivered?  Can parents see other children’s pictures?

When the photos are ready, each parent will receive an email with directions and a password for their child’s online photo gallery.  An example of what the online gallery will look like can be found here.  If you’d like to see an example of what parents will see, please go to ‘Little Toddlers’ and then ‘Little Toddlers Class A’ and select Lilianne.  Please use password ‘1234’.  Parents only have a password for their child’s gallery.  The entire process is paperless.

What about class photos?

Yes, I take class photos.  I try to get everyone looking at the camera and smiling as best as I can.Montreal Daycare PhotographerDaycare PhotographyWill you have an assistant?

Yes, I will have a bilingual assistant.

Where do you take the photos?

I will take a look at the location we will determine what works best for both your daycare and my photography.  I have used both artificial and natural light and examples of both are shown on this page.

Is there any work on my end?

In short yes but not a lot.  This is a collaborative process and we will need to work together to make sure that everything moves smoothly.  There are key items I need before shoot day, and after shoot day we need to be in communication to make sure all parents have received their emails and any issues are dealt with.  I will handle communication after the shoot, but you will inevitably receive questions as well which I am happy for you to forward on to me.

Daycare PhotographyMontreal Daycare Photographer

Is this offered in French and English?

All communication is bilingual.  The gallery and ordering process is English only.  Communication from me to the parents when they ask questions directly will be mostly in English.  When we photograph the children, French and English will be spoken.

What is your availability?

Please contact me and we can talk specifics.

Thank-you for your interest in my photography!