Westmount Photographer

I don’t really have time for a photo shoot and everything that goes along with it.  I just don’t have time.  I’m too busy!

Perfect!  I understand!  I’m busy too and that’s why every step of the way is meant to be easy and simple.  Booking is done through a simple link where you can easily scan my availability and match it to yours.  Payment is one-click.  The actual day of is easy.  I just show up, we have a little talk, and then I just hang out with you and your family while you do your thing.  Confusing packages?  Nope.  I just have one price for weekdays and one for weekends.  Viewing sessions?  Nope – you just get all the photos.

See, easy.

Can we shoot outside?

Yes and no.  Newborn shoots are done entirely in-home.  Newborn shoots just aren’t very practical for outdoor photography.  But, yes we can do some or all of your shoot outdoors if that’s who you are and what you love.  Do you love your local park?  Yes, let’s walk over and take some time to take some photos there.  Do you get croissants every Saturday morning?  Love it!  Let’s go.  Love rolling around your hood in the wagon.  Load up!  But let’s do a bit of both if possible – I think it’s also fun to get some shots of the kids at home.

Will we get traditional family photos?

Every photo session includes moments where I gather everyone and we play some games to try and get real smiles of all of you together.  These are not sit still, look at me and smile, let me pose you photos.

If you are someone who loves the more traditionally posed, sitting and facing the camera family photos, I suggest you look at one of the many multiple other Montreal photographers who offer that.  My main focus will be on catching your family in action, playing, laughing, having fun and being yourselves.  My portfolio gives a good clue as to what you can expect the majority of your photos to be like.

My house is a MESS.  I don’t think it’s worthy of a photo shoot.

I hear this one a lot.  Your home is where your children grow up, where they feel most comfortable and where they create most of their memories.  This is your life right now.  And it’s the little things that will trigger memories for your children years down the line.  I know I get nostalgic when I see pictures which include that tiny 80’s flowered wallpaper we had, or our tattered brown recliner.  It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t perfect – it was part of my life and my childhood.  Also, I can shoot around clutter.  I bet your walls are pretty clean!  We don’t have to focus on the floor.  And you’d be surprised – most people tend to focus on the people in the photos and the expressions on their face.  That sink full of dirty dishes usually gets lost in the background.

What if my baby/toddler/child is uncooperative?

Guess what – most kids are at some point a little uncooperative and I’m used to that.  I try to get to know them a little and then I just work with it.  Your kid is active and loves running around?  Action shots are great!  Shy and hates strangers?  That’s OK.  We’ll just take it easy.  We really try and go at their pace and if something isn’t working out we just move on.  I have two energetic and defiant toddlers I photograph daily so there’s not much I haven’t seen.

Westmount PhotographerWhat is your pricing?

My pricing is super simple and all-inclusive.  Additional products can be purchased a la carte through the photo viewing gallery.  For details on pricing view here.

I don’t need that many photos.  Can you reduce your price?

I provide my clients with a lot of photos.  I guarantee 40 but most clients receive more.  Not every photo will go on your wall, but these photos are perfect for an album that can be looked at for years to come.  Why do I provide so many photos?  First off, I’m terrible at cutting photos from my clients because I just fall in love with every one and I know you will too.  But secondly, these photos are about telling the story of your life right now.  This can be anything from your child eating his favourite snack to the way he makes that little face when playing peek-a-boo.  This tiny moments are worth remembering forever for both you and your children.

My husband hates photo shoots.

Got it.  Mine does too.  Seriously, he really doesn’t have to do anything except play with his kids, read stories or run around a park.  Promise!  (I swear I should start a Dad testimonial page!)

I don’t like my hair/arms/skin/ponytail.  Can you edit it?

If any retouching is required, you must specifically request it.  I perform only minimal edits, and my portfolio provides a pretty good example of what to expect.  I will not remove dark circles, smooth skin, or tame fly away hairs.  If this is required, an additional rate will apply.  My photography is fresh and real and overly edited images, especially of children, just don’t fit into this style.

What do I wear?

I get this a lot.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for details.

How do I book?

Just send me an email, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll send you my availability.  I’ll ask you for a deposit to hold the date and then you’re set!

Do you have a blog too?  I seem to recall something….

Um yeah…. along with my photography blog I write at Roasted where you can get to know more about me, what I like, my family and our (tiny) adventures.

I’ve seen you around town somewhere…

Yes, you probably have.  Come say hi!  I love meeting readers of both the blog and my photography.