Front Steps Project


Thank-you for your unbelievable support!

As a photographer I normally spend my hours photographing families in their times of joy. I know those moments are still happening but I can’t be there because like everyone else I am doing my part to stay at home.

Starting today, I am offering to take five minute ‘Front Steps Portraits’ of you and your family. I am also so happy to have Jen Arnold, another local family photographer, help me out with central Montreal. Lucia Griffin will be taking photographs for families located on the West Island.

You will know approximately when I am coming and I’ll either ring your doorbell and scurry to the sidewalk, or send you a text if you prefer. We will be at least 10 feet away. We’ll take a couple shots and leave. I will not be interacting with anyone. BUT we will try and make you smile and laugh and record your family during this extraordinary time.

Jen summed it up for me:

This is a wild time we are living through – it’s almost not believable in some ways – if my parents / grandparents tried to describe this time to me I wouldn’t have been about to wrap my brain around it, and how do you describe it with words in order for someone to understand?  So the portraits are really there to describe what we are going through. 

Families can be in comfy clothes, they can be disheveled, they can get dressed and look nice, it’s their call but this is really about what we are all experiencing – and the photo through a window/porch/door frame really gives the feeling of what life is like right now.  It isn’t about the perfect picture but rather about the extraordinary circumstances surround the time the photo was taken.

There is no fee. Instead we ask that you donate to the NDG Food Bank (or a charity that is close to your heart). We ask that you do that on the honour system – we will not be personally accepting any donations.

The purpose of this project is to bring us together, create some joy and step up to support our food banks.

TO BE CLEAR: We will be taking images outside only and from at least 10 feet away. Our session will be brief, like 5 minutes. This is not a session where you need to get all dressed up. Wear pyjamas, dress up if you want or be disheveled – be yourself. These are not a replacement for your family photography session and I ENCOURAGE you to reach out to your family photographer to book a session as we are ALL affected. And let’s raise some money for the food bank!