Casual, fun headshots and branding images for modern professionals.


On Location Branding Sessions

2 hour session

up to 5 looks (clothing)

7 finely retouched images

$750 + taxes

This is great for entrepreneurs or small business owners who want a casual session that shows off who they are and what they represent.

How does it work?

First off, we talk about your business and how you want to present yourself visually.  This allows me to understand your brand so I can work with you to create something that visually tells your story the way you want it told.  We can collaborate on everything from the look and feel of your photos to the location, wardrobe and shot list.

The price above reflects 7 finely edited digital images.

Keep in mind that these 7 images are not just your headshots and 6 variations on your smile.  This can be up to 7 different scenes.  Perhaps one is you at your desk, another you looking at your phone drinking a coffee, etc.  Each scene requires it’s own lighting analysis (and possibly studio lighting setup), and posing.

Do you need more than 7 images?  Perhaps you have a first choice that you want finely edited, but would like others for social media and do not need it to be so perfect?  Beyond your 7 images there is the option to purchase more images with either a fine edit or lifestyle edit.

Fine Edit vs Lifestyle Edit

A fine edit is recommended for headshots, images that will be on your main web page, or anything that really needs to make an impression.  If you have skin that needs some fine edits, or if the background needs heavy retouching this would be a reason to choose a fine edit.  Additional finely edited photos are $50 plus taxes.

A lifestyle edit is recommended where you don’t need me to finely remove flyaway hairs, smooth out wrinkles, or clean up the background.  This is recommended when an image may be used for say a quick Instagram post, or when you are looking away from a camera and your face is not shown.  Additional assets such as the images below would also be lifestyle edits and are priced at $20 plus taxes each.  Want to know what a lifestyle edit looks like?  Please check out my family work.

Additional Assets

These are all the extra details that tell the story of your brand and are good to have on hand for blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, events or to add depth to a website.  Depending on what you require for additional assets, we may or  may not be able to do it in your 2 hour session.

Follow up Sessions – Social Media Assets

Have we already nailed the look and feel of your brand?  Do you just need additional assets for social media? Don’t need a finely edited head shot?

A two hour session is available Monday – Friday for $600 plus taxes.  Includes 15 images in a lifestyle edit.

**Customized sessions can also be created.