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NDG Family Photographer | Liz, Alex & baby girl

NDG Family Photographer I was so excited to head to NDG to photograph this amazing 6-month-old baby and her family.  Liz had sent me pictures of her daughter in advance and she was just so adorable.  Their home was beautifully decorated and had all sorts of different pops of colour to include in the photos. The family wanted to include photos of the little one reading and I was just ...

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Hello world!

Montreal Lifestyle Photographer Wow. What a journey. And I'm so happy to have so many of you along. I decided to do photography professionally at the end of 2015.  And then I just did it.  But really, my journey started ages ago.  It started with taking a million rolls of film and being so excited to get them developed (do you remember you had to buy weird x-ray bags to carry them throug ...

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