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Montreal Business Photographer

Montreal Business Photographer

You’re good at running your business, coming up with ideas and getting things done.  Having to create social media content is time consuming and what you present may not represent the polished look you want.  That’s why we are here as your Montreal business photographer.

We work together with Montreal-based businesses to create a bank of beautiful and engaging photographs that represent your brand.  We then upload it to a gallery, which you can access from any device for the next year.  Whenever you need a photo, just download it from your gallery (even on the go) and you are ready to upload beautiful content.  That annoying to-do of creating content is gone, and you can focus on growing your business.

Montreal Business Photographer

I am super pleased to have teamed up with the talented Autumn Wood to offer my clients beautifully styled images for social media and print. Autumn will use props and products to highlight the beauty and integrity of your product and really tell the story of your business.  All product photography includes use of  Autumn’s services to ensure your images are the most powerful and engaging representations of your brand.

Interested?  Contact me and let’s find out what works for you.

Past clients include: Mandy’s, Maxine Grossman Personal Training, United Yoga, Luna Yoga, Shri Yoga, Luvmother, Not Sew Strange, Porco, T. Lees Soap Co.