New Photography Website

October 16, 2019

Photography Website

I did it! I redid my Photography Website!

I’ve been wanting to re-do my website for a while but have put it off because I’ve really been working on my expense reduction. But it was finally time once I realized how poor the old one looked on mobile. It was the last straw.

I bought a theme, but reconfigured everything myself. I wanted each page to be a mini-website so for most items you do not have to navigate away in order to see testimonials or contact me.

I also wanted to show more clearly Headshot Days and Portrait Pop Ups. I get a lot of visitors to this website, and I was definitely not showing them all I offered.

My next step is working on my SEO. When I tell friends what I am doing and spending so much time on it really surprises me how many don’t know what SEO is! Lucky them. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is important for Google rankings. Basically if Google doesn’t know what you do, your web page is too slow or any other thousand factors you won’t rank very high. I get a large portion of my enquiries through search engines. I’ve been pretty terrible with optimizing my web page lately. As a result I’ve had less and less queries through web. Because of this trend, I’m optimizing each page.

I hope you enjoy my new Photography Website!

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ps Did you know I also created a new website for Montreal Portrait Pop Ups!