6 Gifts Every Family Loves

November 18, 2019

This holiday season, here are some gifts that every family loves.

Family Photo Session

Of course you knew this one was going to come up – right? So many families mean to get a family photo session done and it just. never. happens. I have beautiful gift cards you can give and I now have a variety of sessions for all price ranges.

Print their Photos

This one doesn’t fall far behind getting their photos done. How many families do you know that have allllllllll the digitals and have done nothing with them. Why don’t you offer to go through the photos with them, choose their favourites and get them printed. Take it ONE STEP FURTHER with framing and hanging.

Create a Photo Album

I have SOOOOO many photos that every year I create one massive photo album. I include good photos, grainy photos, professional photos, phone photos – anything that makes my heart sing. Overwhelmed? Because so many people don’t have the time, I offer custom album creation services.

Photography Class

Did you give a loved on a DSLR camera that is now collecting dust? Celina Bailey and I are now offering beginner photography classes – perfect to enhance your knowledge and get the creativity flowing.

Go All Out

For Black Friday this year I’ll be offering a deeply discounted boudoir session during the months of January and February. Why offer a boudoir session? Boudoir is actually quite empowering. I get ALL the right angles so that my subjects can see just how amazing and beautiful they truly are. A definite pick me up. Sign up to my newsletter (or email) for details.

Reorganize/Restore Old Photos

Do you have ten million old photos in boxes just sitting there? Maybe it’s time to get them out and put them in albums or scan digitally. Do you have cracked or ripped photos that are precious to you? Did you know there are services that can restore them? Can you imagine Grandmas face to see her precious photos restored? Or put together in an album? Or framed on the wall?

What do you think? Do you know someone who would love any of these as a gift?