My Photography Year Ahead

December 10, 2019

Montreal Family Photographer

I was going to write a post reflecting on my past year but honestly writing about my year ahead seems much more exciting, so here we go! My photography year ahead has lots in store and I finally feel like I am feeling my groove and understanding my clients. It only took four years!

Studio Work

Lifestyle studios are pretty popular in the United States and I loved the idea of having full control of the light (the key element to photography) while also providing my families with fun, lifestyle photos. I’ve been working closely with Hey Maca at her studio to create a great environment and show everyone what can be done there.

I started off with mostly doing headshots and boudoir in the studio and I’m adding family (including newborn and maternity) in 2020. What does this mean for you guys? Well, a couple things. First off we finally have a place to go outside of the home that isn’t reliant on weather. Secondly, a space like this allows me to host Pop-Ups and Headshot Days where we can all benefit from concurrent sessions and added benefits like on-site hair and makeup.

Photography Classes

Celina Bailey is an amazing photographer and when she approached me about teaching I jumped on the idea. Our first class for beginner photographers starts in January and we can’t wait to bring our passion to a whole new group of people.

Pop Ups

It was always my plan to bring pop ups around the city and I’ll be starting this winter with a collaboration with Boutique Mini-Cycle. If you like the idea of a fun, short session with a little shopping then definitely stay tuned. I’m hoping to add other pop-ups throughout the year.

Portrait Work

I always choose a couple personal or business goals to work on each year (last year was expense reduction!) and this year I am working on classic portraiture with a modern feel. I never thought this would get me excited but it does and I know it will also help me with my direction in my lifestyle sessions. My other goal is SEO and email marketing…. a bit boring, I know. But anyone who says they love EVERY LITTLE BIT of their job is on the moon. There’s always something, however small, we don’t love doing.

That’s it! Oh yeah, Celina, I need to get that new headshot done too 🙂

What about you guys? Do you have any personal or business goals or are excited about the year ahead?

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