Photography for Business

December 2, 2019

Photography for Business

The world is becoming more and more visual. As a result, photography for business reasons is more crucial to getting your brand out there. It tells your story, shows off your products and as a result you look instantly professional.

Photography for Business

A lot of business owners want the flexibility of creating their own content but don’t know how to create beautiful, compelling photos.

I’ve teamed up with Celina Bailey and we’ve created a Class Apart: A Beginner Photography Class that will give you all the tools you need to take great photos for your business. Our first class starts January 14th, 2020 in St-Henri and registration is now open.

Headshot Photographer

Need a headshot? Headshot Day was created to give my clients the best experience with the best price and atmosphere. Hair and makeup is on-site, and Charlotte is the best at what she does. The sessions are the perfect length at 40 minutes and we are hooked up to the computer so we can review our shots and get it RIGHT.

Need more than a headshot? There’s time to do a few yoga poses, or whatever it is you do. Just make sure you talk to me about whatever you want to achieve so we can get the session flow right.

Photography for Business

Need something beyond that? Contact me about your branding requirements and we can work together to find a location, work out the shot list and get your business photography right.

Contact me today with any questions!