The Bump and Baby Experience

Payment Plans are Available

Option 1 - Custom Payment Plant

Option 2 - Bump to Baby Payment Plan

Maternity session - all images included

Newborn session - all images included

Mini 6 month studio session - 5 images included

Mini 1 year studio session - 5 images included

$134 + tax over 12 months

Une femme enceinte porte un haut blanc et s'appuie sur un homme portant un haut à boutons.  La petite fille est assise sur la bosse de la mère et le père a un petit garçon sur ses genoux.  Ils sont assis sur un canapé doré.

Vous et moi

Capturez votre belle histoire de famille

Souvenez-vous de l'ensemble du voyage grâce à de magnifiques photographies.

Les sessions comprennent

Stylisme de la garde-robe

-Les écharpes/les tenues/les robes de maternité

-En studio, à domicile ou en extérieur (uniquement pour la maternité)

-Inclure toute la famille (ou non)

Me contacter

Un nouveau-né vêtu d'un haut à manches longues et d'un pantalon de couleur avoine se trouve sur une couverture gaufrée de couleur avoine.  Il dort et a un bras levé.

Tout capturer

Bump & Baby

Travaillez avec moi tout au long de votre parcours, de la grossesse au nouveau-né, et nous créerons un ensemble d'images que vous chérirez à jamais.

Add a Weekday Studio Mini Session anytime throughout the year to capture your growing baby. This is only available to clients that have purchased a newborn session. Suggested dates are 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.


- 30 images numériques sur les deux séances
- Stylisation de la garde-robe pour chaque séance
- Robes de maternité
- Langes et tenues pour nouveau-nés

Frais :

900 $ + taxes

Me contacter

Tout capturer

Little Bump & Baby

Just need a quick maternity session?

This option includes a 30 minute weekday maternity session in studio, or if you live in Westmount or NDG we can do it in-home.

Add a Weekday Studio Mini Session anytime throughout the year to capture your growing baby. This is only available to clients that have purchased a newborn session. Suggested dates are 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.


• 20 digital images over both sessions
• Wardrobe styling for each session
• Maternity dresses
• Newborn swaddles and outfits

Frais :

Me contacter

$755 + tax

The Process

Booking and Preparation

I recommend booking around your 20 week scan.

After you book, I'll send you a welcome email filled with info plus a prep guide. A couple weeks before your session the stylist will be in touch. If you want she can get in touch earlier.



All my sessions are directed and guided so you don't have to know how to 'to do' anything. Newborn sessions are at baby's pace, and not rushed.


Photo Delivery

After your session your gallery will be delivered in 1-2 weeks. If you want you can work with an album designer to create an album.


Here's a selection of my

Client Wardrobe

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Working with Michelle was an absolute joy! Her attention to detail and creative eye truly set her apart. Booking a session was an effortless, and her professionalism made the entire process smooth and stress-free. She captured the essence of our family in every shot. I couldn't be happier with the results and highly recommend her to anyone looking for exceptional photography and timeless memories.


I’m absolutely obsessed with her work! We did newborn pictures and now our family Christmas pictures and they are absolutely gorgeous. Very natural look. I have gotten so many compliments on the pictures she took of our family. She is also very professional and great to work with overall. She gives you the confidence you need and you can tell she knows what she’s doing. There’s no one else I will be going to for all my family pictures!! She outdoes herself every time!

Questions and ANswers

When do we schedule our newborn shoot?

When is the best time to schedule a maternity shoot?

I always schedule on the day of your due date and move it from there. Ideally sessions are best when babies are less than two weeks old as they tend to be sleepier and more co-operative. However, I don't do elaborate poses and consider and if you don't feel good we can definitely push it. I've photographed newborns at the three month mark. Just consider that they will be much more wide eyed, and less likely to curl up.

I recommend between 28-32 weeks so that your bump is visible but you still feel OK to move around. Having said that, it's better to just do it than think you missed the window. I've photographed everywhere from 21 weeks to 41 weeks! I recommend you reach out to me at your 20 week ultrasound.

How to do the mini sessions work?

How does wardrobe work?

If you book a newborn client, you can book up to 4 mini sessions per year. These are weekday studio minis that can include just your baby or you and your baby. I do not offer these types of minis for any other clients.

For maternity wardrobe, I ask that you pick your favourites online and then usually I drop them off or you pick them up in advance. If you don't have time or it doesn't work out to do that, I suggest you just try on 2-3 dresses before the shoot starts. For newborn, I also have a website and you can make some picks but I'll always bring a few more pieces.

How does the payment plan work?

Is there a way to add a mini maternity session on if I book a newborn shoot?

Payments will be spread out as you choose up to 12 months. You will get a monthly invoice you can pay by credit card or e-transfer. Payment without a payment plan is 50% on the day of booking and 50% on the day of the shoot. Bump and Baby sessions are 1/3 booking, 1/3 maternity shoot day, 1/3 newborn shoot day.

If you book a newborn shoot and just want a quick and beautiful mama only maternity session, you can do a weekday, studio mini session. Contact me for details.

Capture the magic of the first year

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