How to choose your photographer

October 21, 2019

I was recently tagged in a post on Facebook. Someone was asking on one of the local parenting groups for recommendations for photographers.

There are currently 104 comments and counting!

How do you decide? Especially when it seems like there are more and more photographers everyday?

What most people don’t realize is that every photographer has their own style. Just like you wouldn’t hire a jazz singer if you were looking for rock ‘n roll, you have to hire the right photographer for your style.

I am going to totally avoid the question of ‘are they any good?’ because much like I’m completely unable to judge whether a watercolour artist is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ (in most cases) I realize that often families cannot tell a ‘good’ photographer from a ‘bad’ photographer.

Questions to ask yourself to see if the photographer you choose is a good fit.

Where do I want my session? Do I want it in my home, outside, in a studio or somewhere else (yes, underwater sessions are a thing).

If I don’t want my session in-home is an outdoor session realistic considering the weather outside?

If I want my session in a studio do I want it to be a classic studio session or lifestyle studio session. Lifestyle studio sessions are BIG in the States and slowly coming to Canada.

Do I want my newborn session to be posed and wrapped or unposed and a little more natural? Do I want props? Does the studio supply props if I do want props or do I have to bring my own?

Do I want my photos to be a little more traditional and posed where everyone is sitting pretty and smiling for the camera? Or do I want something a little more casual and relaxed where the we may all be looking at each other.

Do I want a storytelling element to my session where my family does some of the things we normally do like ride bikes or read books to create a little history of this time in our life? Or do I simply want portraits?

Do I connect with this person? Does their photography move me? Do I see myself in front of their lens? Will I feel comfortable with the final product?

From there you should be able to narrow it down a little to finely select someone based on availability and budget.

Did I help?

ps Picture above is the VERY FIRST photo I ever published!

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