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Montreal Vacation Photographer

Capture your happy montreal memories

Old Montreal Vacation Photoshoot

Capture your beautiful holiday with a photo session.

Please note that in the winter, Montreal can reach very cold temperatures!


• 90 minute session
• 15 digital images
• wardrobe advice with a montreal stylist
• Option to upgrade to full Gallery (50+ photos) for CAD 300 + taxes


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CAD 725 + Tax

45 Minute Shoot

Just want a quick shoot to capture your family? These quick shoots will capture your experience, and also allow you to get on with your day. Route is somewhat customizable.


• 10 digital images
• Custom Wardrobe Styling
• Option to upgrade to full gallery for CAD 300 + tax

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CAD 575 + TAX

Michelle is simply incredible! We decided to do a vacation photoshoot on our trip to Montreal recently. This was our first time in Montreal, first time doing a vacation photoshoot and we are super camera conscious! Looking at the final pictures - I am blown away! She had been in touch with me from Day 1 and thought of EVERY single detail - lighting, weather, locations, our comfort level, the outfits and more! I am so happy that she helped us capture some of our best memories so beautifully! Highly recommend her for anyone looking for a super talented and detail oriented photographer who is very patient and fun to work with!

This was our first shoot as a family of four and I cannot say enough about how much we love the photos. They topped our wedding shots and our newborn session. Thank you for being the best family photographer we've had the pleasure of working with across three Canadian cities

-Dimi P

-Ankita Trivedi


Old Montreal Photoshoots in Summer (June-August)

Summers in Montreal and generally hot and humid and the evenings don't generally cool off. Old Montreal is busy in the summer and the F1 is the peak of the busy season. Expect crowds. Weather wise or summers have been extremely wet lately. Be prepared to use umbrellas or get a little wet.

Old Montreal Photoshoots in Fall (September-October)

Fall can be wet but as of late have been better than summer. It could be +30C or +5C - you never know. Usually leaves peak late October or early November.

Old Montreal Photoshoots in Winter (November - March)

Unfortunately, I don't think a lot of visitors to Montreal are fully prepared for exactly how cold it is in the winter. Do not expect to be able to do a photoshoot in only a sweater or heels. You will need jackets, mitts, scarves, boots and often hats. Your nose and cheeks will likely turn quite red. The streets can be very slippery or alternatively very slushy. To give you an example of clothing, the family in the photo shown to the left are locals, so used to the cold. That day it was about 1C (33F) - a mild winter day. Even wearing that the kids were cold after about 15 minutes. DRESS WARM - especially if you are with kids.

A lot of families want photos of their kids having snowball fights or building snowmen. In reality, we sand the streets and sidewalks here in Montreal so the snow is most likely very brown, dirty and hard. On the positive, there are a lot less visitors and the lights and decorations are beautiful during the holidays.

Please carefully read my cancellation policy below

Old Montreal Photoshoots in Spring (April - May)

Unfortunately, when the snow melts we are left behind with the sand that has been laid all winter, garbage and thawing dog poop. Until the streets are cleaned, they can be quite dirty and drab. Weather is variable this time of the year.

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How long in advance should I book my shoot?

I suggest you book your shoot at least one week in advance although sometimes I have last minute availability.

How many people can be in my shoot?

My shoots are for one family unit plus grandparents. If you are more than one family unit I consider it an extended family unit. I will charge $25 per extra person and require you to purchase all the digital images.

When will I see my photos?

I usually take 2-3 weeks but sometimes sooner.

Can I choose which photos I receive in my gallery?

I will select my favourites as per industry practice. If there any you really love just let me know and I'll try and include them.

Can I buy all the images/get the RAW files?

You can certainly purchase the entire gallery I sent you but you can not get every single photo I took. This would be overwhelming for you and extra editing for me. You cannot get RAW files because you are hiring me for my artistic editing and I do not release unedited photos.

Do I have the rights to the photos? Will you share them without my permission?

You have the rights to the photos for personal use and you can do what you like with them including printing, sharing and creating albums. I own the copyright to the images. I will never share your images without permission first. Although I always hope I will be able to I know this isn't always the case.

What if I am running late? What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

Please let me know if you are running late and I will do my best to accommodate you. Having said that I often have other shoots booked, or we may lose light so you will likely simply lose the time from your shoot. This may result in less images or less locations.

I suggest you arrive early, especially if you are not staying in Old Montreal. Parking and traffic can be extremely difficult. You may also be walking to your location up or down a hill on cobblestone or slippery streets.

Regarding cancellation, usually I do not allow a return of deposit but since you are visiting from out of town if you cancel within 15 days I am happy to refund 90% of your deposit. Within 7 days you can receive a 50% refund of your deposit. Within 7 days I will keep your deposit and if you return you can use it within 1 year.

What if the weather is bad?

Regarding weather, I think that you have to be prepared in advance for extreme heat, rain, snow and sleet. I will try and reschedule within your visit but I find quite often I have other shoots booked or visiting families already have a full itinerary. There are a few indoor places we could consider such as the Palais de Congress or World Trade Center (or both). We could always do a portion in your hotel room, at my studio in Ville-Émard (if it's available), or under overhangs. In winter it's cold, period and I think you have to consider that going into your shoot. Unless it's exceptionally cold (-20C and colder) I won't rebook otherwise I'd rebook every shoot - but we could consider other interior locations.

Cafés are cute but often very busy and small. Crew Collective is absolutely massive, but very busy and just getting a coffee will be 15 minutes.

I think if you are considering a shoot while you are only in Montreal for a short time you have to be open to the possibility of doing your shoot in less than perfect weather or in an interior location. We just have very unpredictable weather that can swing wildly from day to day.

I will not offer refunds of your deposit for inclement weather if we cannot reschedule within your timeframe.

Can I gift this to a family or friends? Can I tip you?

Yes, I offer electronic gift certificates. You can purchase the base shoot or the base shoot plus the full gallery - it's up to you.

Tipping is appreciated but definitely not mandatory and at your discretion.