Professional Photography for Your Business – 4 Reasons Why It’s Important

April 11, 2020

There are a lot of reasons why getting professional photography for your business is a great idea. Here are a few of my faves.

professional photography for your business

Because you DESERVE a decent photo

I know what it’s like to run your own business. It’s HARD WORK. You think about your business all the time – you live and breathe it. You think about everything from the colour of the logo to whether you should send out your newsletter now or in an hour. You should be PROUD about what you’ve done. Stand up and take ownership for all your hard work. Show who is behind the business. And do it without a selfie stick. Your beautiful, smart face deserves to be shown at it’s best.

Because people no longer buy from brands – they want to know who is behind the brand.

Maybe I’m just a snoop but when I am going to buy from a company I always read the About Us page. And when it’s generic, or vague I think either a) oh no is this really owned by Walmart or something? or b) I don’t connect with this brand. If I see a clear photo of the owner with their story, AND I connect with the photo and story. You’ve got me.

Stand out from the crowd.

How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else in your field. Well, there’s only one of you so be yourself and be proud of it! Find a photographer who will work with you so that your photography represents you and your business.

Elevate Your Brand

I always get a little bummed out when I am attracted to a brand through their strong visual story, hit the About Us page and see a grainy, low quality photo for the owners photo. It just doesn’t sit right. It doesn’t continue the story that I’ve been told through their other product pictures and visuals.

In these tough times it’s more important than ever that we are all super clear in the story of our business. Nothing tells that better than visuals. I know that social media is important but that About Me photo or LinkedIn profile image is staying up there for a while – not just a day or two.

I started my Headshot Days because it would honestly break my heart when I knew that someone was pouring their heart and soul into their business and the photography was so poor it was impossible for me to connect with their brand. Headshot Days are held in a gorgeous space where we can get a variety of photos and hair and makeup is on-site making it easy for you to feel your most amazing.

I also do branding sessions where we can deep dive even more into your brand and come up with something really catered to you.

For all my business sessions I work WITH you by learning about what types of images you want and need. I want these images to represent you.

If you are interested in business photography for your business contact me. I don’t know at this point when we’ll be able to host them again, but I will contact you when we are back to regular scheduling.