YOU ARE WORTH IT. And I am your Portrait & Boudoir Photographer.

Being a Portrait & Boudoir Photographer is about celebrating YOU and your true self. It’s about empowerment and confidence. It’s about creating beautiful art that you will have for all time.

And yeah, you want to look amazing as well.

This experience is for YOU. You may have a partner, you may not, but you are doing this for yourself. Maybe you need to feel empowered. Maybe you’ve had a rough time or been through a big transformation and need to find yourself again and feel good about yourself. Maybe you are just kind of lost and want to see yourself and how beautiful you are through art and someone else’s eye. I get that.

I know that it can be TOUGH to stand in front of a camera, and this is why I will GUIDE YOU every step of the way to make sure you have an amazing experience from enquiry to delivery. I want your experience to be magical and transformative. I want you to feel amazing.

A client recently asked why I decided to be a Portrait & Boudoir Photographer.

My honest answer was because women are so f*ing hard on themselves. Because being a woman is so hard. Because being a mother sometimes we lose ourselves, we don’t remember who we once were. Because shit happens in life – we get divorced, we experience illness ourself or with someone else in our life, we run ourselves ragged. We don’t take the time to see the beauty in who we are. We don’t celebrate ourselves enough.

When I do a portrait shoot I want you to feel absolutely amazing and empowered. I want you to know you are enough right now – not 15 years ago or 10 pounds lighter. I want you to feel confident AF. I want you to walk out feeling like you could take on the world. And to me that is so amazing.

And yes, I do this in my maternity and family work too (have you noticed how much I focus on mom in my photos?) but these sessions are just for YOU. As a mom, career woman, grandma, wife, or whoever you are. SELF LOVE.

Does this sound like something you’d love to do? Contact me. I know that you are hovering over that button wondering if you can do it. Wondering if you deserve it – because your kid could use new hockey gear or you aren’t sure your husband would see it as a worthwhile expense – but this is for you. Take the leap. I’ll send you the full pricing for my services as a Portrait & Boudoir Photographer and we’ll get started. We can do this together.


See what my amazing clients have to say!

Boudoir Photos


I had the best time during my Boudoir photoshoot with Michelle. She made me feel super comfortable and confident from the get go (which was important since I was basically in a thong within a few minutes of seeing her ;)). She made sure she got all the shots I had envisioned, always referring back to her inspiration paper that I had sent her prior to our shoot. She is professional and incredibly kind. I actually had a blast! And the pictures... oooh the pictures turned out perfect <3

Montreal Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Client

Michelle made me feel super comfortable - to the point that at times I forgot that I was dressed in so little! She was just so natural about the whole thing, we chatted and laughed quite a bit, and the time flew by. It was also such a relief that I didn’t have to do any kind uncomfortable poses. Michelle directed me every step of the way, and the shots were nothing but classy. When I viewed the gallery a few days following our session, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more beautiful and empowered. I highly recommend the experience!



My boudoir session with Michelle was a very special experience. It had always been a dream of mine to have pictures like this taken but I never imagined that it would be so comfortable, easy and liberating. Michelle has a wonderful eye for detail, and is creative, open minded and open to what her client wants. I was so happy with my pictures, they captured a moment in time that I will never forget. Thank you Michelle for helping women discover this amazing part of who they are.



I have been so impressed with Michelle from the very first interaction to her after-purchase service and attention to every detail. I would highly recommend her not only for her beautiful aesthetic and creativity but also for her professionalism and organization! She made the whole process so easy and I am so happy with how my photos came out. As soon as I walked into the studio I felt at ease and comfortable. I am so in love with my boudoir photos, she really captured my personality and made me look my best. I’m so happy to have these photos, such an empowering experience. Thank you so much!!



Boudoir with Michelle was a great experience. Even the days leading up to the shoot felt special, with extra attention to self-care (hydrating, moisturizing..). In studio, Michelle was confident and fun, setting a great tone. The end result: photos beyond anything I imagined in terms of glamour! (Charlotte''s makeup artistry helped a lot too!) Thanks to both of you for your magic.



I had so much fun doing boudoir photoshoot with Michelle! I was feeling nervous before the session but she made it seem so easy and fun! Ladies, if you do not know how to pose, it's okay because Michelle will be there to help! The photos turned out to be amazing! Way better than I expected! Thank you for this opportunity, Michelle :)



Packages start at $800 + tax and includes hair and makeup, wardrobe consultation with a local stylist and 10 digital images. Contact me for full details.