Why I do what I do

January 11, 2021

Hey folks. I’ve been reading a lot over the holidays including a book full of advice called Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferris. It’s full of very smart and successful people giving advice. And it got to me think about why I do what I do and I thought it would be nice to share.

Before I get into what I do something that struck me over and over again in the book is the stark fact that in order to be successful at what you do you must like the process and be passionate about it. Fully passionate.

Some Examples

I’ll give you some examples. We all want to be fit but it takes a lot of time and dedication. If you hate working out – you will just never get in good shape. You must enjoy the process to some extent. The good news is that there are a million different ways to get fit – you have to find one that works.

Another example is personal. Growing up I played the violin, which I barely remember except hating and the piano which again I hated. I wasn’t a terrible musician but I didn’t particularly like playing these instruments and would never really be great at them. When I started playing the flute it fit. I loved it and practicing for me wasn’t a chore. Practicing was enjoyable. As a result I was a good flautist.

Passion is Key

As with any career, you must have a passion for the process and every area of it (or most areas at least). With photography I have a passion for the entire process. Learning and taking my photography to the next level. Connecting with clients. The business behind it. I take photos on my spare time just for fun and live and breathe what I do, which is probably a necessary thing as being a photographer is ultra competitive. I truly believe if you are not fully dedicated and passionate about it you are likely not to be successful.

But it’s not all perfect

Do I love it all? No. I don’t particularly love editing, and now I outsource a large portion of my editing. Do I love creating beautiful emails from scratch? No, that’s why I pay a premium for a service that creates beautiful looking emails. Do I like graphic design? No, that’s why I pay for Canva. BUT I love enough of it that I can throw myself into it – probably more than I should at times.

So when I say that I truly am passionate about creating beautiful photography for families, it is true. I take these memories I am creating very seriously and throw my all into it. This is why I do what I do.

When I am taking boudoir photography I picture myself creating a work of art that my client will cherish and look at over and over.

When I create headshots I know this is how my client will be represented to the world and I want to make sure that it is 100% on point.

I used to do product photography, but because I wasn’t passionate about it I knew I would never strive to be the absolute best and that was not enough for me. I now pass on those requests, as well as requests for all other types of photography (wedding, events, etc) because I want to make sure I am passionate about what I do.

There is something about creating a beautiful photo that just gets me every time. Connecting with clients, or for my personal work more landscapes or travel.

So why do I do why I do? Because I love the process, I love the creation, I love all aspects about it and can throw myself into it over and over, doing it better and better.

It took me 37 years to find my job. I don’t regret the 10 years in corporate or the next couple of years mixed between trying to find something I loved and motherhood. But I am so happy I made the leap and found this career.

I’d love to hear about what you do! Contact me.