Bromont Newborn Photographer

February 28, 2021

In-Home Newborn Photographer

I am beyond excited to offer my services as a Bromont Newborn Photographer for in-home newborn and family sessions. I think Bromont is such a special area and I can’t wait to get to know the wonderful families who live or spend time in the area.

I don’t believe in-home newborn and family sessions are widely offered in the area so I am excited to offer a fresh new service on the weekends.

Why Hire an In-Home Bromont Newborn Photographer

You may be wondering why you would want a newborn or family session in-home?

-Your home is where your family feels the most comfortable

-Most of your memories are made in your home

-Capture beautiful portraits as well as a snapshot of your life right now – the toys your kids play with, the beautiful nursery, snack time, running around the backyard

-Newborn sessions are so simple in-home with diapers, supplies and comforts right on hand

-Golden hour outdoor sessions are often tough for little ones because they can be late. In-home sessions are usually done mid-morning when everyone is at their best.


I’ve been doing in-home sessions for over five years, and the number one question I receive from families is that their homes isn’t pretty, it’s too messy, or it doesn’t have enough light.

First off, if you look at my portfolio I have photographed in ALL sorts of homes from large multi-million dollar homes to one bedroom apartments. Can you tell which is which? Not really. The focus is on you and your family. And besides, these photos are about you and your family. These are your memories.

Home not decorated to Pinterest-worth perfection? Again, this is your home and your memories. If your home isn’t Pinterest worthy who cares? My home isn’t! But it’s still my home and it’s where my kids make their memories.

Is your home messy? Stressed about having it photo worthy? I wouldn’t worry too much about this. While I will ask you to prep a couple areas, the rest I can shoot around and move. Again no biggy.

Lastly is the light. I have photographed in over 100 homes of all shapes and sizes with all sorts of windows and light. I can find the light and if not I bring back up light (yes, there are photos with NO windows in my portfolio!). I am the professional and finding the light is really my problem, and I got this one.

Please note that I do not pose or prop newborns. What does this mean? It means that I won’t wrap your newborn in complex wraps or pose them in certain ways. I won’t place them in props that I have brought. I keep things very natural. Take a look at my portfolio to see example sessions.

Included in your Bromont Newborn Photography Session

What is included in your newborn session?

  • 10 digital images (more available for purchase)
  • Session length up to two hours 
  • Family wardrobe consult with stylist (read more here)
  • Access to my curated selection of swaddles and outfits (see here)
  • Questionnaire so I understand your session goals
  • Full Prep Guide
  • Easy payment via credit card

Next Steps

Are you interested in hiring me as your Bromont Newborn Photographer? That’s great! First step is to contact me and request pricing and availability. Please note that at this time I will be taking a limited number of weekend sessions.