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April 6, 2021

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I am please to announce my Mom & Me Photography sessions for Mother’s Day! I called them Motherhood Portrait Pop Ups because they are really a portrait of Motherhood – the love, the joy and the connection that you have for your children.

These sessions started because I know that there are so many mother’s who are the PHOTOGRAPHERS of their family and they have little to NO pictures of them and their children. No moments of love captured.

I also want to give every mom a chance to celebrate Mother’s Day since so many of the regular activities are off limits. This is a chance for you to come to the studio (no worries about rain) have some downtime with you and your kids and take away beautiful memories that you and your children will cherish forever.

Mom & Me Photography is so important because it is a special moment for mom and her kids amongst the chaos and uncertainty of life today.

Mom & Me Sessions Include:

Included in your session:

-Wardrobe styling with local stylist Amanda Eaman so you don’t have to stress about what to wear

-20 minutes of joy with me and your kiddos

-5 digital images you will cherish forever

I am leaving 30 minutes between sessions so that there is no overlap and I can wipe down high touch surfaces. There is also a bathroom in the studio and I will ask everyone to wash their hands as soon as they enter.

These sessions are special to my heart because if you have had a session with me you will know that I always focus especially on mom and at the end I try and give mom her own portrait session if there is time. I don’t think there are enough photos of moms out there! And I can’t imagine a kiddo growing up and never having a picture of his mother.

If you are interested in booking the link is here.

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