Photo Boudoir Montreal

May 11, 2021

Why would you ever want Photo Boudoir Montreal? When you google Boudoir Photographer the top suggested question is:

What is the point of boudoir photography?

So if you are wondering that same question you are not alone!

So let’s get started. Why would you ever want Photo Boudoir Montreal?

The obvious answer is to give as a gift for your partner. And I don’t think it’s the wrong answer, but truthfully you really need to do it for yourself as well.


Because if you aren’t into it, if your heart isn’t there, if you are only doing it for someone else, it will show in the photos. Kind of like when I make chicken breast for my husband. I freaking hate chicken breast. I’ll cook it. But the love isn’t there and if I actually loved what I was making I’m sure it would be so much better.

So why would you do a photoshoot for yourself?

To celebrate yourself of course! Celebrate you and who you are. Pamper yourself. Enjoy yourself. Capture the beauty that everyone else sees but that sometimes you have trouble seeing in yourself.

Photo Boudoir Montreal

I capture beautiful photos of women in their own home or my studio in St-Henri. I work with a hair and makeup artist as well as a wardrobe stylist so that all your questions will be answered and you will feel your best.

If you are interested in more details please contact me!