Meeting Point for Short Sessions

August 26, 2021

The meeting point for my short outdoor sessions is at the dog run near Forden Crescent.

I recommend you park on Forden Crescent but at the time of writing there is construction and parking is limited at this location. You could either park on Westmount Ave and walk down or on Montrose Ave/Ave Murray and walk up.

This is what the meeting spot looks like:

Walking from Forden Crescent the path looks like this:

The dog run is to the left of the path across from that stone building.

Here is the path from the dog run looking towards Forden Crescent:

If you decide to park on Montrose/Ave Murray you will be next to the playlet which may or may not work for those with little ones. You have to take the path diagonally and then straight up in between two hedges. This is the path between the two hedges:

The dog run is at the top of the path to your left.

If you are confused just head for the big building in the middle of the park and call me at 514-622-8324.