Studio for Newborn Photography

Why is my Studio for Newborn Photography right for you? And why might it not be right at all? As a Montreal newborn photographer with 7 years experience I have tried to create not only beautiful photographs but a beautiful experience for you.

Studio for Newborn Photography

How do I create a wonderful experience for all my families in my photography studio?

  • Prep Guide
  • Wardrobe advice with a local stylist (yes - you work with a real, local stylist)
  • Newborn outfits and swaddles - I started this because I realized people did not invest in cute outfits that fit their kids for 1 week. Hmmm.... I wonder why! Plus, cute newborn sized outfits are harder than you think to find. Most clothes are 0-3 months which are too big for a newborn.
  • In home option. My shoots are up to two hours (sometimes over) or sometimes only an hour for in-home. I don't want you to feel stressed PLUS I don't want to be too long in your space. I have two kids - I get it. I read the room.
  • Studio option is stroller friendly. There are only two small stairs right at the beginning and the rest is wheel friendly.
  • Bathroom right in the studio - good for toddlers who may need to go frequently.
  • Change pads are supplied if needed
  • If siblings are getting antsy I pull out the duplo or crayons on the parents OK

Did you know that I am always tweaking my Studio for Newborn Photography to make it the best experience possible for you? When you look at your photos I want to make sure you remember what a wonderful time you had and as a Montreal Photographer I realize how important that is.

Interested? This is my studio. And here is how you can contact me.

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