Photoshoot Maternity Dress

I am pleased to offer a Photoshoot Maternity Dress to anyone who books a maternity photo session with me. I learned very early on that most women (including myself!) will not typically invest a lot in a wardrobe that may only fit a couple months. However, I also know through trial and error that the right outfit can add a lot to any shoot. This is why I invest in a wide range of dresses.

I love getting creative with my maternity shoots. It's a great opportunity to have some fun with your beautiful bump.

Photoshoot Maternity Dress

I recently wrote a blog post detailing how I would love my clients to dress for their shoot. You can read it here. For a 1 hour maternity shoot we can do 2-3 outfits. For a 30 minute maternity shoot we can do 1-2 outfits. If we are shooting outside it is much trickier to change quickly than in the studio or your own home.

If you'd like to see my selection of dresses or enquiry with me about a shoot please contact me. You can see more about my studio here.

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