Family Photoshoot at Orange Julep

In my quest to find new and unique Montreal family photoshoot locations I recently did a family photoshoot at Orange Julep.

Why did I choose this location? I love the vintage vibes, the nostalgia, the colour and the idea of doing something creative. This family was up for it despite the fact that it was a little early and a little cold.

These are all the photos they received from their session, so it gives a good idea as to what your family photos from Orange Julep may look like.

Family Photoshoot at Orange Julep

What to keep in mind:

-I will only do these early on weekend mornings. Weekday mornings are too difficult for me scheduling wise, and any time after early morning the cars start to increase in the parking lot making it more difficult to shoot, having more cars in your photo, and making it more dangerous if you have running toddlers.

-This shoot was 30 minutes and it worked well. I don't think we need to hang out at Orange Julep longer than that.

-There will be other people around. Even though they serve no coffee or breakfast, there was still a steady flow of traffic 8:30am on a Sunday.

-It's not clean. I mean, I don't think they ever wipe the tables and the pavement is not great. If you are a bit of a germ-o-phobe it's maybe not your best bet.

-This is definitely for a more creative family wanting something different and colourful.

Are you interested in a family photoshoot at Orange Julep? Contact me for how we can make that happen.

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