How to find 4020 Chateau St-Ambroise

Address: 4020 Saint Ambroise, Suite 478, Montreal, QC

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Street Parking

Street parking may be difficult, it's a busy area. If you want to street park please give yourself plenty of time.

Paid Parking

There is a paid parking lot behind Chateau St-Ambroise along the waterfront.

Here is how to find it:

You can park to the left coming in, the lot you see straight ahead or if you continue to the right there is another area which his closest to the entrances.

These were the tariffs as at June 2024 (the sign had blown off in the wind). Payment is by card only. You can pay at the machine or on your way out.

Where to Enter the Building

Street Parking Entrance

Continue straight ahead and follow the instructions to the elevator at the back. Do NOT take the stairs.

Paid Parking Entrance by Stroller

(See Paid Parking Regular Stair Entrance further below)

Continue towards the back right continue where it looks like a terrace.

The elevator is definitely big enough for a stroller and your whole family.

Take the elevator to the fourth floor.

Turn right continue until you see the door (more details below but it's just one long hall).

Paid Parking Regular Stair Entrance

Enter and follow the massive blue 'Ascenseur' sign to the elevator.

Exit and turn right. Continue down the single hallway.

You made it!

There is a bathroom in the studio and mirrors.

If you want to know more about the history of the building please read here.

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