I love being a boudoir & beauty photographer.


There are so many reasons. First of all it allows me to show my subject how beautiful she really is. So many of us focus on our negatives. Let's take a day to forget about that and focus on our positives. Let me show you what everyone else sees.

As we move through the session, I can see my subjects growing with confidence. These are fully directed sessions and as my clients move their bodies, try on different clothes and see their photos I can see how they slowly open up and gain confidence.

Lastly, I just love taking beautiful photos where the lighting, pose and lens all come together as one to create something absolutely timeless. It's a truly satisfying feeling for both me and my client.

So many women come to me and tell me that a beauty portrait session just wouldn't work for them. They aren't models, they don't know how to pose, they are awkward in front of the camera, etc. etc. I've really heard it all. But I think that's the whole point. You aren't a model, you don't get to do this everyday.

Let me know how you want to be photographed. Let me know what you want to wear so that you will feel your best. This is a collaborative experience. Then I will direct you 100% so that you will look your best on camera. Being a boudoir & beauty photographer is something I take very seriously and I want you to feel amazing.

Hair and makeup can be added on to make it a transformative experience.

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