Three Things I Love About Photographing Families

July 23, 2019

Montreal Lifestyle Photographer

I love photographing families.  Here are my three favourite things.

Montreal Family Photographer

Every Family Is Different

It is so true but every family is different.  Everything from the way they look, the way the interact with each other and the way that they respond to the camera.  For me this is what makes my job interesting and keeps me challenged.  Unless I have photographed the family before, I never really know what the session will be like.

Plateau Lifestyle Photographer

My Families are Awesome

I always make super sure that if you hire me, you also love my candid style of photography.  This makes sessions super fun because I get a lot of free creative space to make something that is truly representative of your family as they are right now.  And I get to meet so many amazing people!  I more often than not run into many of the people I photograph again over the years and it’s always fun to see how everyone has grown.

NDG Lifestyle Photographer

I Truly Feel I am Providing Something Important

I am creating a part of your family history that will be passed down for generations.  Families will look at these photos together and remember how it was in their lives at that particular time – the good, the bad, the silly, the serious.  But most of all, your children will see how much they were truly loved.

I truly adore photographing families and I think it speaks in my work.

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