Stroller and Wheelchair Friendly Entrance

October 20, 2021

If you require a way to the studio that does not use stairs please follow these instructions.

Please note that this is a much longer way to get to the studio as you enter through a different area of the building. In addition please note that the elevator is a freight elevator and the doors are quite heavy. You need quite a bit of strength to open and close them.

Instructions to use the freight elevator:

Call the elevator up or down to your floor. The floor of the freight elevator must be even to the floor of the building for the doors to open.

Open both the outside and inside doors. I believe one is pulled up and one pushed down (I forget – to be updated!)

Pull down both doors completely or the elevator will not move.

Use the arrow to move up or down to your floor.

When you arrive make sure the floor of the elevator is lined up to the floor or the building or the doors will not open.

Open the doors – you’ve arrived!

You must close the doors after you leave or else the elevator will not be able to be called by anyone else.

Enter through the main entrance
Type 1152# in this keypad. It will not work in the other keypads
Follow the arrows towards Elevator B to the left.
This is the freight elevator. You’ve arrived! Remember to make sure the floors are even and once you are inside both doors are closed. You can then move the arrows to the second floor. Again, the floors must be even. Please close the doors behind you.
Once you step out you will see a sign. Please go to the left. Keep going!
Keep going past door C (great photography Michelle)
Continue down this hallway as it curves around.
When you see the door with the gold dots you’ve arrived!