Headshot Photography Day

November 27, 2019

Headshot Photographer

I have edited and sent out most of the headshots from my last headshot photography day so I thought I would share a few images here.

Headshot Photography Day

I love Headshot Photography Day as a way to do headshots. Why?

-Hair and makeup is on site with the amazing Charlotte Flannery. This makes the experience super easy AND my clients look stunning.

-40 minutes is enough time to RELAX, try out a bunch of positions & poses and really feel like we nailed it.

Headshot Photography Day

-I am set up right into the computer so I KNOW if we’ve hit it because we’ll review together. I can also show clients how little shoulder moves or head tilts take their headshot from meh to wow.

-The studio space allows for a lot of flexibility. We use every inch of it to get the best.

Headshot Photography Day

-We have fun! Because everything is so well laid out, organized and planned it really is a relaxing experience.

I hear from nearly everyone I talk to that they HATE getting their headshot done. It’s stressful, hard to organize with hair and makeup, confusing with choosing what to wear and just awkward AF because they don’t know how to pose. Seriously – everything is taken care of from hair and makeup to me 100% directing you so you look awesome. It’s almost… empowering.

My Headshot Days are done approximately once per month. Interested in the next one? Look for information here or contact me!