What’s the Best Time of Day for an Outdoor Family Photoshoot? | Montreal Family Photographer

August 24, 2020

What’s the best time of day of an outdoor family photoshoot?

We are so lucky to live in Montreal. We’ve got beautiful greenery and parks right here in the city to take photos. However, as I tell all my clients, some times of the day are much better to have your family photos. So, when exactly is that and why?

Golden Hour is the best time of day for photos.

Golden hour is the time of day right before sunset when the light is gorgeous and flattering. If you have little ones, we recommend a late nap and a snack or dinner right before the session so they are in the best mood possible.

Our sunset time changes dramatically so if you find Golden Hour too late in July you can book for September or October when it is much earlier.

I do NOT take all-outdoor sessions any other time of the day. I want my clients to have flattering photos and I feel like it’s a disservice to offer this session any other time.

However, I have some give and take – especially if we are shooting at my favourite outdoor spot – Murray Hill in Westmount. The sun sets behind the hill which means we can start shooting much earlier than Golden Hour.

I always talk with my families to make sure that if they book an evening slot the time is adjusted to fit them.

What do I do if my kids just won’t be up for an evening session?

Sometimes kids just aren’t up for an evening shoot. I get it. That’s why in that case I recommend an indoor shoot which is almost always scheduled for 10:00am. I find at that time kids are at their best, and so are parents.

We will get the majority of photos inside so I know that I have an amazing selection of all the shots we went. We’ll then head outdoors to play, walk, or continue taking portraits. I consider these ‘bonus’ photos. They may or may not be 100% perfect but it doesn’t matter. We have our safe indoor shots already.

Check out this recent Golden Hour shoot at Murray Hill where I am currently running a special.

Outdoor Family Photoshoot
Outdoor Family Photoshoot
Outdoor Family Photoshoot
Outdoor Family Photoshoot
Outdoor Family Photoshoot
Outdoor Family Photoshoot
Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Interested in an outdoor family photoshoot? I still have a few spots for the rest of the year. Contact me to book or to learn more about sessions and pricing.