Why get family photos in a studio?

September 9, 2020

studio photography
  • Not weather dependant
  • Photos can be taken any time of the day
  • Environment is controlled
  • Washroom is on site
  • Play your family’s favourite music
  • Lends itself to a simple & easy session

A lot of people wonder what type of family photography session they should do. I offer in-home sessions, outdoor sessions and studio sessions. So why get family photos in a studio?

studio photography

It’s important to note that my studio photography doesn’t use a typical backdrop. Instead we use the couches, chairs and walls in place in the studio. This is typically called Lifestyle Studio and is more and more popular.

Why would you choose a lifestyle studio photography session? There are a few reasons.

A lot of people tell me that they only need a couple photos. It’s clear they just want a nice family portrait and maybe some photos of the kids. I structured my studio sessions so they are 1 hour (in-home and outdoor sessions are up to 2 hours) and include 15 digital images from a selection of at least 25 (in-home and outdoor receive 60+ proofs to choose from and most families purchase them all).

Sessions can take place during the day when kids are at their best. Outdoor sessions only take place at Golden Hour. If you have small children, Golden Hour (1-2 hours before sunset) can be quite late and may be out of the question. In those cases I recommend they wait until spring or fall when the sun sets earlier, or come to the studio where we can take photos during the day.

They don’t want photos in their home. A lot of people just don’t want me to take photos in their home, although I will assure you I have yet to meet a home that couldn’t look great in a photo. However, I understand that for some people it is just out of the question and the studio is a great alternative. It is clean, well decorated and uncluttered.

Budget doesn’t allow for an in-home or outdoor session. My in-home and outdoor sessions are more work and this is reflected in the price. My studio sessions are a lot simpler with less travel and a more controlled environment and are at a lower price point. This works best for a lot of families.

If you are wondering about Indoor Photos please read this blog post here.

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What do you think? Which type of session do you think is right for your family? In home, outdoor or lifestyle studio? Do you have any questions? I hope it’s a little clearer now on why you would get family photos in a studio.

Are you interested in a lifestyle studio session? Contact me for pricing and availability.

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