Top Tips for a Newborn Photography Session

September 16, 2020

-Relax. You’ve hired a professional to guide you through the process. They should guide you every step of the way.

-Select your outfits in advance. There’s no use scrambling last minute.

-Wear something comfortable. You’ve just had a baby! Make sure that whatever you wear makes you feel great.

-Choose a photographer based on the photos in their portfolio. Every photographer has a different style! Next, you should make sure you connect and feel comfortable with them.

Top Tips for a Newborn Photography Session

How do I make sure my clients get the most out of their session?

It starts with my portfolio. I make sure that clients are on-board with my natural, unposed, in-home style of photography. If an enquiry starts asking about props or backgrounds I quickly ask them to check my portfolio and make sure they like my style of photography.

Most new parents book their session on their due date. I do not necessarily wait for baby to be awake OR asleep in my sessions, so capturing them within the first two weeks is not as critical for me. I always let my moms know I’d rather that they feel comfortable than we try and rush the session.

I send an email out a couple weeks before the due date reminding them about the session and preparing them. A lot of my emails are repetitive but people – there is a lot going on! You are about to have/have had a baby.

My preparation includes a full prep guide answering every questions you may have. Did I miss anything? You can always email or call me.

There is another email the day before the session *just* in case you forgot. Because I get it – I’ve been there!

On the day of the session we take it pretty easy. My sessions are up to two hours, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am shooting the full two hours. There is time for feeding, calming, chatting and relaxing. I want to make sure that we go at baby’s pace and that this is a bonding experience.

I want my newborn sessions to be a chance for you to slow down, take a breath and enjoy your baby. Look at their tiny fingers, little toys and marvel at what you’ve created. This is how I create those honest, beautiful photos you will cherish forever.

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