Fun Portrait Session

January 25, 2021

fun portrait session with dancer

Hey guys – how are you doing? It’s cold outside and we are in month 11 of this new Covid era which isn’t very much fun. I know that personally for me I have had to learn how to make my own fun. No longer able to go to restaurants, see friends, go to concerts, etc. I’ve had to come up with other ways to connect or relax. I’ve started reading more, exploring new recipes and food, exercising more, exploring different activities with my kids and have started to get more creative with my photography including starting a new instagram handle where I can post non-work related photos I take (see here) And for you guys, I thought I would talk about a fun portrait session.

I know for a lot of you it’s the same. ESPECIALLY for live performers it’s a tough time.

Florence joined us on a previous headshot day and we got to know her and her wonderful personality. This time she reached out and wanted to do something for in her samba outfit. But not a typical dance portrait session, but a fun portrait session. Her idea was to contrast the beautiful costume with the industrial feel or the stairwell and areas of the building where the studio is located. I can tell you that walking through the halls with Florence in full costume we turned more than a few heads!

Boudoir Sessions – Not Just Lingerie

When I started doing boudoir photography my intention was always to include beauty or unique portraiture as well. Dress up in a ball gown and bounce on a trampoline, wear a fur coat with nothing but lingerie underneath, wear your favourite jewelry and just enjoy yourself.

Where to Begin

Wondering how to even decide where to begin? Take a look at Pinterest and simply gather images you like in a board. Once there are a few images themes very often emerge. It’s kind of amazing how that happens. If you don’t see a theme share the board with me anyways and I bet I’ll be able to point things out.

fun portrait session with dancer

Contact me to start! Remember that custom wardrobe styling is included in every session and hair and makeup can be easily added on. I really want this process to be painless and FUN. Contact me about your fun portrait session!