May 17, 2021

Why did I start doing headshots? There are two main reason why I take headshots. The first is that I photograph so many wonderful women and I wanted to connect with them more. Talking to someone while they are chasing down their kids or trying to pose for a photo isn’t the easiest and I wanted to offer something calmer, more personal and one on one.

The second reason is because I know how HARD it is to be an entrepreneur and honestly, so many of the photos that people are using to represent themselves – the heart and soul of the business – are awful. But I realized it wasn’t easy for busy entrepreneurs and career women to get headshots done.


First off, most of the headshots I saw were meant for corporate use. They were traditional with a background and shoulder up. Perfect for LinkedIn but it doesn’t say much about the person, their brand or their personality. Secondly, getting a headshot is intimidating! Most of the people I photograph have never had professional photos taken of themselves.

The biggest reasons I heard were:

-Not knowing where to go

-Scared that they won’t know what to do

-Not sure what to wear

-No idea how to get hair and makeup done

I get it! It can be a lot to pull it together. Honestly, the biggest reason is that people are just intimidated. They think they’ll have to pose, they won’t know what to do, they’ll show up in the wrong clothes, their outfits will look terrible and the whole thing will be a mess.

Headshots the are Actually Fun

That’s why I’ve worked so hard to make sure the entire process is flawless, and that’s the number one thing I hear from my clients. They appreciate all the wardrobe guidance, hair and makeup guidance both pre and during the shoot, collaboration on images and posing guidance during the session.

Headshots can be intimidating but I make sure they are not. Believe or not, many people leave saying how fun and enjoyable the experience is.

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