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March 29, 2021

As I continue on my journey as a photographer and entrepreneur, I am really focusing on what I love to do and referring the rest. There are a lot of different styles of headshots out there, and I have decided to really niche down on the style of a lifestyle headshot photographer.

What does this mean? It means the couches and chairs in place in the studio instead of backdrops. I also mostly use natural light except on really dark days, which happen (the above image uses studio lights, for example).

It also means that I try to create natural and organic looking images. However, everything you see is fully directed from where the feet are placed to the head. I even have a series of hand signals to move the head the way I want it that makes me look like a referee.

I work with every single client to find out what type of look and vibe they want for their image. We do this through inspiration images. Sometimes themes will come through, and we’ll discuss it. It really helps me steer the direction of the shoot.

Many times my clients will not select inspiration images at all, and then I just do my own thing depending on the light and their clothing selection.

Options for Headshots

I have three different options for headshot and branding. Headshot Days are set days where there will be other clients on set. Custom Headshots are days with flexibility with timing. Branding sessions are longer and more involved and may have different setups or locations. Interested in updating your headshot but not sure about what works for you? Feel free to reach out.

I love being a lifestyle headshot photographer and meeting so many wonderful clients. It’s always a pleasure every single time.

Contact me to find out more about my headshot and branding photography. You can read reviews here.

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