Short Outdoor Family Photography

June 4, 2021

Family Photoshoot Montreal Outdoors

I am pleased to offer Short Outdoor Family Photography! I’ve had families requesting this type of session for years and I finally sat down and created a type of session I hope you love.

Westmount Outdoor Photography

Short Outdoor Family Photography

  • 20 minutes
  • One location within park
  • Easy booking
  • Wardrobe advice included
  • Gallery of 30 images with 6 images included in your session.
  • Beautiful, fun and easy session.
Short Outdoor Family Photography

Advantages of a shorter session:

  • Perfect if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to a longer session.
  • Great if you just need a few photos.
  • May work better for bedtime

Disadvantages of a shorter session:

  • Some kids take a lot of time to warm up.
  • Pace is less relaxed with less downtime.
  • Less variety in images.
  • If you tend to be late this will cut into your time as there are sessions before and after.

One of the reasons I love outdoor photography so much is that the kids can really run around and get all that energy out! I also find that if the weather is right it brings out such a joyful vibe.

If you are curious you can always contact me for more information. Ready to book? You can do so right through my BRAND NEW booking page!